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Graduate Open House
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Brian Chinni

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Teacher Education

Office Address: E-232

p: (201) 684-7613

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Ramapo College NJ MA Educational LeadershipA comprehensive and coherent assessment system, specifically aligned to state/national standards, drive the overall program experience. Assessments and course requirements are grounded in authentic, performance-based activities that will allow the student to immediately integrate new learning into his/her professional practice. In addition to course-specific assessment and evaluation, students will be required to participate in the following experiences:

  • Performance-based Leadership Portfolio – MAEL students will establish and maintain a demonstration (electronic) portfolio that is utilized across all coursework and effectively demonstrates individual progress in the authentic application of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that specifically align to his/her ISLLC-aligned educational leadership inventory and PGP. Individual development and learning will be communicated through the thoughtful and deliberate selection of important artifacts, reflective practice, and the overall quality of the culminating oral presentation.
  • Professional Growth Plan (PGP) – develop and implement an individual Professional Growth Plan (PGP) around which the portfolio will be organized, and that will serve to guide individual professional development goals and related activities. The PGP is developed in consultation with the assigned mentor during the initial weekend Educational Leadership Institute.
  • Field-based Applied Research Project – under the guidance and support of a school-based mentor, students will participate in an individual or collaborative action research study that is specifically intended to promote improvement within the respective school setting. This required capstone assessment will be introduced during Field Experience I, implemented during Field Experience II and culminate in the formal presentation of study during the Educational Leadership Institute II, following the second Field Experience.
  • **International Field Experience I Option – while this course experience may not be practical and/or feasible for all students, individuals may opt to participate in the International Field Experience I Option during the summer semester and/or other appropriate time (prior to Year 2). This field experience will provide students the unique opportunity to conduct aspects of the action research project under the mentorship of an educational leader in one of our international partner schools.