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The Daily Digest is an important tool for communicating information that a large part of the campus community or a specific targeted group needs to know. The system should only be accessed for announcements that are of importance and/or interest to target audiences, i.e. faculty, staff, students and/or retirees. Content of a personal nature or that which is unrelated to College business and/or events will not be posted.
Content must be approved by a Division Vice President, Dean or Department Director/Supervisor.

We reserve the right to not include content for lack of proper approval, incomplete submissions, multiple submissions for the same event, submissions that do not meet criteria, and/or other issues.

Submission policy:

Due to space restrictions, your message cannot be included multiple times. Your message will post two times. When submitting your event or message, choose dates that will yield optimal advertising for your message, such as closer to the event date, day of event, etc..

You are required to complete the submission form IN FULL, including date, time and location of the event, and contact email and/or phone extension. Forms that do not have the required information IN FULL will not be posted.

The Daily Digest submission deadline is noon the day before publication date. Late edits and/or changes cannot be made after 3 p.m.

The Daily Digest is published Monday through Friday except on days following a holiday or when offices are closed (e.g., during summer hours, Monday posts will be edited on Thursday prior).

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This request has been APPROVED by the President or Division Vice President. By submitting this Request for Daily Digest Content Consideration, I hereby acknowledge compliance with the Ramapo College Responsible Use of Electronic Communications policy including Section 9, Broadcast E-mail.


  • Please do not use multiple exclamation points, i.e. Come join us!!!!, in the subject line or body of the text.
  • Do not use of ALL CAPS in the body of the text.
  • Keep your message short and to the point.
  • Include links whenever possible (make sure they are working links).
Please include a contact telephone number, email address or Website. (800 characters or less please):

Contact information, may appear in the Daily Digest: