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Satisfactory Progress

Graduate students must make satisfactory academic progress annually and complete their programs within five years.

  • ‘Satisfactory academic progress’ (i.e., the completion of a specified number of credits per year) is determined by each individual program and stated on the program website. These terms must be met unless a Leave of Absence has been granted.
  • Individual programs may specify a minimum acceptable grade for a course which serves as a prerequisite for another course.
  • Graduate students who wish to appeal the time limit by which a graduate program must be completed must do so in writing to the Program Director, who will make a recommendation to the Dean. The Dean makes the final decision and will communicate the decision to the Registrar.
  • While Ramapo College requires degree completion within a specified period of time, the federal government may define ‘satisfactory academic progress’ differently for the purposes of awarding financial aid. Thus, graduate students receiving federal aid should consult with the Office of Financial Aid.

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