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Final Examinations

Final exams may only be given during the final examination period, which falls on the final week of the term.

The final exam schedule will be posted one week prior to the first day of the semester or term.

All classes must meet during Final Exam Week. These minutes are counted as part of the Federally mandated meeting time per credit hour awarded.


Classes must meet during the assigned meeting time within the final exam schedule. Individual faculty may not change the assigned class meeting time during the final exam schedule.


Students are not expected to take more than two exams on any one day during the final exam period. Should students be scheduled for more than two exams in one day, they must take the earliest and latest exams on the assigned day and at the assigned time on the final exam schedule. However, the student may request that the middle exam(s) be rescheduled to another day during the final exam period. Faculty must accommodate students who have made this request by the end of the drop add period (as published on the Academic Calendar) for Fall and Spring semesters or the end of the first three class meeting times during the winter and summer terms.

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