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Ramapo College sets admissions criteria in keeping with its vision and mission.

Graduate Admissions 

Applications for graduate admission are received and prepared for review by the staff in the Office of Graduate and Adult Admissions. All applications that are received with an application fee or approved waiver will be reviewed and action will be taken.  Applications that are received by the established deadlines and completed will be forwarded to the individual graduate Program Directors for review.  The criteria used to determine a completed graduate application will vary from program to program.  All programs will require a minimum of an official transcript that verifies the completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and at least one letter of recommendation.  All applications that are received by the application deadline and are reviewed by the graduate Program Director will receive a decision letter (acceptance, denial, wait list) by an office-established deadline. Any applications that remain incomplete will receive a denial letter by an office-established deadline and will be coded as IW (institutional withdrawal).

All applications will be reviewed completely and holistically by the graduate program director. Evaluative criteria will be set by the graduate program director with the approval of the dean of the school that houses the program.  To be admitted to a Ramapo College graduate program, an applicant usually presents a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all completed baccalaureate degrees. In the event that an applicant presents a GPA under a 3.0 but, to the graduate program director’s satisfaction, demonstrates exceptional promise and/or preparation in the field of study, the graduate program director will consult with, and seek written concurrence from, the dean to admit the student.

Graduate Admissions (Non-Degree)

Applications for graduate non-degree admission are processed by the staff in the Office of Admissions. All applications that are received for non-degree status are considered actionable.  Students will self-disclose that they have successfully completed a baccalaureate degree at an accredited institution and graduated in good standing academically and socially at their graduating institution and will agree to all stipulations outlined on the non-degree application.  Each applicant will then be reviewed by the Program Director and a decision letter (acceptance, denial) will be sent.

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