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Adjudication of Student Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal by Academic Deans

This policy is designed to address appeals of undergraduate academic suspension and academic dismissal. Academic Deans will have the direct role in adjudication of Academic Standing matters for Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal.


Students placed on Academic Suspension or Academic Dismissal will be notified by The Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment of the opportunity to submit a written appeal.[1]

The Office of the Registrar provides the academic standing of students to the Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment. This information is then provided to the Academic Deans and personnel listed below. (Faculty Advisers are not provided with the academic standing lists.)

Academic Deans may receive or gather information from the following individuals/offices, as necessary, in adjudicating each appeal:

  • Associate Director of Academic Advisement
  • Associate Director of Athletics
  • Associate Directors of Counseling and Health Services
  • Dean of Students
  • Director of EOF
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Director of OSS
  • Director of Title IX
  • Faculty Adviser
  • Registrar
  • Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment

The Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment will contact students on Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal within five (5) business days of final grade posting with specific instructions on the written appeal process.

Policy and Procedure 300-A:  Academic Standing outlines the content and the deadline for appeals. Academic Deans only accept written appeals by the imposed deadline.[2]

After considering student appeals, Academic Deans provide written notification to students and copy the Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment and Office of the Registrar of the immediate reinstatement or enforcement of the suspension or dismissal.

Immediate reinstatement decisions are final and do not have a further appeal clause.

[1]   Students filing an appeal should contact above referenced personnel, as necessary, prior to filing an appeal.

[2]  See the appeal process in Policy 300-A for reinstatement and readmission decisions made after a suspension absence from the college of one or two consecutive semesters.