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Transfer Credit Policy for Remedial and Developmental Courses

Ramapo College will honor coursework that is successfully completed [i.e., with a grade of (P) Pass, C (2.0) or better] from another accredited college or university and accepted as direct equivalents to the following courses as having satisfied remedial and/or developmental requirements in the following areas:


CRWT 080 CRWT 090

Foundations of Critical Reading/Writing
Foundations of Critical Writing


MATH 013

MATH 022

MATH 024

Basic Math

Transitional Math OR Reclaim My Math Program

Elementary Algebra Topics

Ramapo College matriculated students must obtain the appropriate approvals prior to taking the course.  Transfer students who satisfy remedial and/or developmental courses at another college or university will not require retesting prior to registration in the subsequent college-level course taken at Ramapo College.  However, it is strongly recommended that students whose remedial and/or developmental transfer course work is more than 2 years old consider a placement retest in order to ensure appropriate next course placement.

Students who transfer courses without direct equivalents (for example, MATH 099 or MATH 098) should contact their advisors to determine appropriate next course placement.

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