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Off Campus Study



Matriculated Ramapo College students wishing to take a course or courses at another institution must complete an Off-Campus Study Form available in the Center for Student Success. Students should consult first with their Academic Advisor to ensure that their planned course selection allows for timely progress towards completion of degree requirements. Students should be aware of the following information regarding approval and posting of off-campus courses:

  • Approval for any off-campus study must be obtained prior to enrolling in the course. Courses taken off-campus without prior approval are not guaranteed to transfer even if a grade of C or better is earned.
  • Only courses  in which a final grade of C (i.e., 2.0) or better or the equivalent is earned will be accepted as transferrable.
  • Ramapo College will evaluate for possible transfer any course, regardless of mode of delivery.
  • Non-Ramapo College courses are not included in a student’s overall grade point average. The credits will transfer to the student’s record, but the GPA will not be impacted by off-campus study.
  • Once a student obtains 70 credits, he/she is no longer eligible to transfer credits from a 2-year institution or obtain credits through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). If the student’s application for off-campus study is rejected by the Center for Student Success because the student will have exceeded 70 credits by the time of enrollment in the transfer course, the student may appeal in writing to the Provost (or designee) prior to enrollment. The Provost (or designee) may consult with the Dean of the school that offers the student’s first major. The decision of the Provost (or designee) is final.
  • Once a student obtains 96 credits, he/she is no longer eligible to take any courses off campus. The last 32 credits towards a degree must be completed at Ramapo. A student who wishes to petition for an exclusion from this residency requirement  must initiate the petition process with the Office of the Registrar, who will forward petitions to the Provost (or his/her designee) for approval. After consultation with the Dean of the school that offers the student’s primary major, the Provost (or his/her designee) will render a decision and communicate that decision to the student, his/her Dean, and the Office of the Registrar. That decision is final.
  • Once the student completes the course(s), he/she must arrange for an official transcript to be sent to the Office of the Registrar at Ramapo College to post the credit.

Students wishing to earn credits at an international institution or through a domestic exchange program must receive prior approval from the Center for Student Success.



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