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Major Declaration

All matriculated students must declare a major by the time they have earned 64 credits towards graduation.

The following procedures apply for students who are undeclared or school undeclared, have earned 48 credits towards graduation, and are enrolled for a subsequent term.

  • A student who has earned 48 credits towards graduation and is enrolled for additional credits will be notified by email from the Registrar’s Office of the requirement to declare a major before he or she can register for more than 64 credits. The student will also be informed that he or she will have a registration hold placed on his/her account if he/she fails to comply.
  • If, by the time a student attempts to register for beyond 64 credits, he or she has not declared a major, a registration hold will prevent him/her from registering beyond 64 credits.
  • A student must submit the Major/Minor Declaration form to the Office of the Registrar with the signature of the Convener of the major he/she is declaring. Once processed, the hold flag will be removed from student’s account and the student will be eligible for registration.

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