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Independent Study

Limited opportunities to enroll for course work on an Independent Study basis are available. A student interested in this option should obtain an Independent Study Registration Form from the Registrar; have it completed by the instructor,  the dean of the school sponsoring the Independent Study, and return it to the Registrar’s Office.

  • Undergraduate students may not enroll for more than FOUR (4) credits of Independent Study during any semester, including summer or winter.
  • Normally, undergraduate students may not exceed eight credits of Independent Study over the course of a student’s career.
  • Students on academic probation or academic warning are eligible for Independent Study only with the Dean’s permission.
  • Students may not take an Independent Study for a course that is offered within the regular schedule for that semester.
  • Students must complete a contract form for Independent Study as well as the Independent Study Registration Form. This form will indicate the purpose, objective, grading criteria, guidelines for hours of work required, discipline and level, and title/credits for the Independent Study.
  • Independent Study registrations will not be accepted after the last day of add/drop as indicated in the academic calendar.
  • Students may appeal the provisions in this policy to the dean sponsoring the independent study course.

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