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General Education

As New Jersey’s Public Liberal Arts College, Ramapo College provides a high-quality education which is based in the liberal arts.  Through a common general education program,  students will be provided the opportunity to develop those core skills related to a liberal education.

Procedures for the Policy on General Education

  1. General education requirements will be set by the faculty and approved by the Provost or designee.
  2. Required courses include First-Year Seminar, Critical Reading and Writing II, Social Science Inquiry, and Studies in the Arts and Humanities. Other requirements include courses in Quantitative Reasoning, Historical Perspectives, Scientific Reasoning, Global Awareness, and a choice of courses chosen from two of three Distribution categories: including Culture and Creativity, Values and Ethics, and Systems, Sustainability, and Society.
  3. Assessment of general education is the responsibility of the faculty and, with the support of the Vice Provost for  Academic Programs, will be undertaken in a systematic and regularly occurring manner.
  4. GECCo (General Education Curriculum Committee) oversees the assessment of the student learning outcomes for general education and recommends approval of general education courses to the Academic Review Committee, which, in turn, recommends final approval to the Provost.
  5. Changes made to the general education requirements must be as a result of the assessment of the student learning outcomes for the general education program.
  6. Student requests for waivers to general education requirements will be reviewed and decided upon by the Vice Provost for Academic Programs. The decision of the Vice Provost is final.
  7. Transfer students may transfer in or be waived from some or all General Education requirements, as specified in Policy and Procedure 300-FF: Transfer Credit and Policy and Procedure 300-F1: Waiver of General Education Requirements.



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