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Fresh Start


Students who have been away from Ramapo for at least 24 consecutive months must re-apply to the College through the Office of Admissions. At that time, a student may also apply for a Fresh Start.


    1. The Office of Admissions will process and approve Fresh Start approval forms once the Dean of the School that the student intends to enroll in has signed the application in approval of readmission.
    2. Fresh Start is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

II.     If Fresh Start is granted, students begin with a cumulative G.P.A. of 0.00 after which all the rules of academic standing for the College will apply. Specifically, students’ previous RCNJ grades would be adjusted as follows:

    1. Grades of P and D or better would reflect credit only, not quality points.
    2. Grades from all prior RCNJ coursework will remain on the transcript but are not included in GPA calculations.

III.     Students who apply for Fresh Start must complete at least 32 additional credits at Ramapo to fulfill degree requirements.

  1. Fresh Start is applied immediately upon re-admission, and is applied to all course work
    earned prior to the semester of re-admission.
  2. Students can only apply for one Fresh Start opportunity during the course of completion of the first baccalaureate degree.
  3. Invocation of Fresh Start does not preclude students from using other available course-specific grade replacement options for work taken subsequent to re-enrollment.

VII.     Forgiveness is only available for credits earned at RCNJ.

VIII.    Students readmitted under Fresh Start are responsible for obtaining information about and
understanding their individual financial aid eligibility.

IX.      Once invoked, Fresh Start is a non-reversible process.

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