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Basic Skills Placement Testing Exemption Policy

Basic Skills Placement Testing Exemption

Ramapo College is test-optional for admissions for all programs, except certain Articulation Programs. Students who submit an SAT or ACT score may be exempt from placement testing if they present the following SAT or ACT scores:

  • Students with a score of 620 or greater in Evidence Based Reading and Writing on the SAT are exempt from the Writing Placement Essay test.
  • Students with a score of 580 or greater in Math on the SAT are exempt from the Math Placement test.
  • Students with a 26 or greater ACT composite score are exempt from both portions of the placement test.

All students intending to take MATH 110 Pre-calculus, or MATH, 121 Calculus I, or MATH 237 Discrete Structures must take the Calculus Placement Test test before registering for courses. 

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