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To ensure that each faculty member shall have only one office space on campus in which to conduct official College business/functions. Laboratories, studios and similar spaces are not considered office space.

Faculty will be assigned office space on campus, which could be a shared office with another faculty member. Academic Deans will consult as needed with impacted faculty before making any office assignments/decisions. All office assignments or changes to office assignments should be reported to People Operations and Employee Resources. The College also commits to providing work space for Emeritus, part-time/adjunct teaching faculty. In most cases, Emeritus office space will be shared with other Emeritus, temporary, and part-time/adjunct teaching faculty.

Faculty on Leave

Full-time faculty retain their office from year to year, but faculty on leave (sabbatical, medical, military service, maternity, etc.) that exceeds 30 continuous working days may be asked to make their offices available for use by other faculty members during such leaves. Faculty members may be asked to clear out their desks and provide sufficient file and bookshelf space to accommodate others. Upon returning from a leave, faculty members may return to the office they had previously occupied.

College Rights

The College reserves the right to enter offices as needed. The College has the right to require individual faculty members to remove items from their offices that violate health and safety regulations, the New Jersery Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace and other College & State policies and regulations.