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Science and Society

Website: School of Theoretical and Applied Science


About the Minor

The interdisciplinary program in Science and Society examines the fundamental questions posed by scientific knowledge and technological change, particularly from historical and global perspectives. It has become crucial for the specialist and non-specialist alike to understand the possibilities and limitations of scientific, technological, and industrial enterprises and to be able to participate in the critical decisions of the next century affecting human life and its relation to world and local societies and cultures. The program is recommended to all students, from the arts, business, and the humanities to science and environmental studies.

Outcomes of the Minor

Goal: Students can use scientific reasoning and methodology to develop informed opinions on the impact of science and technology has on society.

Outcome 1: Develop and express informed opinions about topics relating to technology and its effects on society.

Outcome 2: Use scientific methodology to address and/or solve a problem.

Requirements of the Minor
  1. At least half of the courses fulfilling a minor must be distinct from the student’s major. That is, three of the five courses required for a minor cannot be used towards fulfillment of major requirements. A School Core does not need to be completed for a minor. Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.
  2. Students in the Science and Society concentration cannot enroll in the Science and Science minor.