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Upcoming Events

Thu 03

Virtual Adult Information Session

December 3 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wed 16

Virtual Adult Information Session

December 16 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Ramapo College Office of Admissions

Anthony Dovi
Associate Director of Graduate and Adult Admissions
505 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
p: (201) 684-7305
f: (201) 684-7964

Accelerated Degree Completion Program

Trish Laprey
Director/Degree Completion Program
505 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
p: (201) 684-7388

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  • Purpose: Submit admissions application and transcript(s).
  • Contact Person: Anthony Dovi; E-mail:;  Office: McBride House; Phone: (201) 684-7305
Degree Completion Program:
  • Purpose: Seek general assistance for all campus services, including, but not limited to, PLA, advisement, and major and career exploration.
  • Contact Person: Patricia Laprey; E-mail:; Office: ASB-424; Phone: (201) 684-7388
  • Purpose: Seek general and supplementary support in advisement and contact for Orientation information.
  • Contact Person: John Yao; E-mail:; Office: D-207; Phone: (201) 684-7441
  • Purpose: Purchase or rent textbooks.
  • Contact Person: Robert Trupiano; E-mail:; Office: Robert A. Scott Student Center, second floor, rear; Phone: (201) 684-7800
Office of Student Accounts:
  • Purpose: Pay tuition and fees.
  • Contact Person: Debra Schultes; E-mail:; Office: D-128; Phone: (201) 684-7311
Cahill Center:
  • Purpose: Explore internship and career opportunities; prepare for job search (e.g., mock interviews, resume-building, and personal assessment).
  • Contact Person: Eileen Quaglino; E-mail:; Office: C-209; Phone: (201) 684-7455
Center for Reading and Writing:
  • Purpose: Seek support in developing reading and writing skills.
  • Contact Person: Priscilla VanAulen; E-mail:; Office: E Wing, second floor (soon to move to library, second floor); Phone: (201) 684-7561
Financial Aid / Veterans Services:
  • Purpose: Seek financial aid counseling or discuss services for Veteran students.
  • Contact:  E-mail:; Office: E-210; Phone: (201) 684-7549
ITS Help Desk:
  • Purpose: Address computer and e-mail issues.
  • Contact: E-mail:; Location: E-101; Phone: (201) 684-7777
  • Purpose: Access information and resources; check out books.
  • Contact: Reference; E-mail:; Location: Potter Library, third floor (L-300); Phone: (201) 684-7574
School of Contemporary Arts (CA):
  • Purpose: Make an appointment with Dean Steve Perry about the Professional Communication Degree Completion major.
  • Contact Person: Dean Steve Perry; E-mail:; Office: BC-236
School of Social Science and Human Services (SSHS):
  • Purpose: Make an appointment with Dean Rosenberg about the Social Science Degree Completion major.
  • Contact Person: Diana Alspach; E-mail:;  Office: G-140; Phone: (201) 684-7625
Specialized Services:
  • Purpose: Register for disability and related services.
  • Contact Person: David Nast; E-mail:; Office: C-201; Phone: (201) 684-7514
Counseling Services:
  • Purpose: Seek mental health counseling or discuss emotional transition issues.
  • Contact Person: Tal Yonai; E-mail:; Office: D-216; Phone: (201) 684-7522
Health Services:
  • Purpose: Submit relevant immunization and health paperwork.  Receive acute primary medical care.
  • Contact Person: Debi Lukacsko; E-mail:; Location: Health Services; Phone: (201) 684-7536