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Ramapo College of NJ is excited to announce that starting in September 2017, Ramapo College students, faculty and staff are eligible for a 30% discount on full- and part-time childcare at a Y’s locations in Franklin Lakes and MahwahWyckoff Y Daycare Ramapo College Flyer 2017


Whether you are working, raising children, or changing professional pursuits, you can complete your undergraduate degree at Ramapo College of New Jersey through our innovated and focused degree completion programs.  Through a combination of on-line and classroom study, our accelerated majors allow you to earn your undergraduate degree in as little as two years.  Our degree completion programs enable graduates to gain the perspectives and skills needed to succeed, advance, or re-enter the workforce.

Our degree completion programs offer many features adult students want and need, such as:

  • Courses offered on a guaranteed evening schedule
  • A cohort program that places you in a community of committed adult learners like yourself
  • Fully mapped-out programs in Business Administration, Social Science, and Professional Communication which ensure a clear path to finishing your degree
  • Accelerated eight-week terms that enable you to attend part-time without slowing down your progress
  • A Prior Learning Assessment program that allows you to earn credit for learning you’ve gained through work, family and volunteer activities
  • A program director who serves as a first point of contact for your questions
  • Payment plans to help you manage your financial obligations

We offer three Accelerated Bachelor of Arts programs:


Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Ramapo’s accelerated Business Administration major, with a concentration in Marketing, provides students with a solid foundation in business, including business law, ethics, international business, finance and strategic management.  Marketing topics covered include marketing communication, consumer behavior, marketing research, e-marketing, and marketing strategy. Hands-on learning experiences allow you to develop and apply creative skills and analytical thinking, with an emphasis on social responsibility and ethical decision-making.  This major prepares you to work or advance in a variety of marketing-related business careers, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, sales, advertising, media planning, and brand management, providing graduates with a breadth of knowledge across business fields that will enable them to be successful in the workforce.

Applicants to the accelerated Business Administration major should have a AS degree in Business Administration with a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Applicants with a GPA lower than 2.5 who have significant work experience and/or other mitigating factors may be considered for admission pending approval of the Dean.

Business Administration: Marketing accelerated major two-year cycle of classes (PDF)

Accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Ramapo’s accelerated Social Science major combines courses in criminal justice, substance abuse, human rights, and other topics of pressing social concern into a coherent whole. Upon completion of this degree, you will be prepared to reenter the workforce or seek job advancement in fields as diverse as paralegal studies, law enforcement, human resources, and related fields in law, justice, and public health.

Social Science accelerated major two-year cycle of classes (PDF)

Accelerated Bachelors of Arts in Contemporary Arts: Professional Communication

Our accelerated concentration in Professional Communication focuses on how information is created, managed, distributed, and consumed.  Students in this program engage in coursework in three key areas: Business and Non-Profit Communication, Written Communication, Visual Communication; and Persuasion and Oral Communication.  With this degree, you will be prepared for careers in fields as diverse as public affairs, advertising, marketing, as well as opportunities in business, government, and non-profit administration.

Contemporary Arts: Professional Communication accelerated major two-year cycle of classes (PDF)



Patricia Laprey
Director, Adult Degree Completion Program
Phone: (201) 684-7388


Is Business Administration, Social Science or Professional Communication not a fit for you? We also offer customized degree completion options in over 40 traditional majors. We will work with you to find a program that meets your needs and lifestyle. Explore more degree completion options.