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Mathematics: Statistics


Ramapo College Office of Admissions

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About Statistics

Statistics is the science of designing studies or experiments, collecting data, and modeling/analyzing data for the purpose of decision making and scientific discovery. The ability to obtain, analyze and synthesize large amounts of data is key to most research in both the natural sciences and the social sciences. The Statistics minor is designed to encourage students of any discipline to gain a deeper understanding of statistics.

The Statistics Minor is also ideally suited to prepare students for actuarial science, graduate school, and careers in industrial statistics, biostatistics and research.

Classes you can take:

Besides the three required courses listed above, the minor requires one elective in an applied area of Statistics. Therefore, this minor is particularly well-suited for students that already plan to take one of the following: BADM 225 – Management Statistics, BIOL 345 – Nutrition and Human Metabolism, CMPS 320 – Machine Learning, DATA 101 – Introduction to Data Science, ENSC 345 – Research Design & Statistics, MATH 370 Applied Statistics, NURS 325 – Statistics, or SWRK – Social Work Research Methods.

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Hands-On Learning

Students take one elective course in an applied area of statistics such as Machine Learning, Nursing, Management Statistics, Research Methods, etc.

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