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Plant Studies


Ramapo College Office of Admissions

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About Plant Studies

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in New Jersey. Leading NJ agriculture sectors include nursery and greenhouse plants ($444.8 million), fruits and vegetables ($462.9 million), and field crops ($31.6 million). This minor in Plant Studies prepares students for further study or careers in the areas of food production, ornamental plant care, landscape design, sustainable agriculture (farm, nursery, garden, park, golf course, etc.) management, and plant science education.

The Minor in Plant Studies consists of two required courses and three electives. Both required courses (BIOL 111 and CHEM 111 with labs) attribute to the Gen Ed “Science with Experiential” category. Most of the courses in the elective list ensure hands-on learning experience by utilizing the laboratory, greenhouse, and field resources available on/near campus. Faculty-student research or internship experience on plants is encouraged. The students will be able to identify major flowering plants important to environmental conservation or used as ornaments and foods. They will gain substantial knowledge on the principles and practices of plant care, as well as emerging technologies in plant cultivation such as hydroponics, and develop critical thinking skills to interpret data and solve practical problems in plant-related studies.

Classes you can take:

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Career Opportunities

Sample Job Titles and National Salary Ranges

Job TitleSalary Range
Soil and Plant Scientists$54,640 - $101,130

* Sources of Information: United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). For more information about careers and assistance in making your career plans, please contact Career Services ( or visit

Hands-On Learning

Independent Studies, Vertical Farming (REED, MEVO, NJBG, etc.)

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