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Engineering Physics


Ramapo College Office of Admissions

McBride House 505 Ramapo Valley Road Mahwah, NJ 07430

p: (201) 684-7300
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About Engineering Physics

If you can’t get enough of special relative theory, tangent planes, or Newtonian mechanics, you should consider checking out a major in Engineering Physics.

Physics is known as the most fundamental of all sciences: it encompasses both the life sciences and the physical sciences. Engineering is the application of science in the design, construction, analysis of machines, processes or works for practical purposes.

The Engineering Physics major at Ramapo is designed for students who like physics, have a strong aptitude for it, and are interested and excited by the applied or engineering aspects of it.

Class you can take:

Multivariable Calculus, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Science Technology & Society, Computers & Science, Electrodynamics

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Career Opportunities

Engineering Physics offers you an unlimited scope of study and career opportunities in such areas as electronics, atomic, nuclear, and sub-nuclear physics, solid-state and low-temperature physics, optics, acoustics, relativity, quantum electronics, astrophysics, biophysics, and chemical physics, as well as a whole range of applied technology fields.

Sample Job Titles and National Salary Ranges

Job TitleSalary Range
Aerospace Engineers$81,120 - $162,980
Agricultural Engineers$52,200 - $110,260
Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers$70,760 - $161,220
Chemical Engineers$77,370 - $182,760
Civil Engineers$60,020 - $158,720
Computer Hardware Engineers$75,840 - $163,670
Electrical Engineers$66,390 - $188,250
Electronics Engineers, Except Computer$72,350 - $163,730
Environmental Engineers$54,280 - $143,240
Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators$46,310 - $119,250
Physicists$74,990 - Varies

* Sources of Information: United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020). For more information about careers and assistance in making your career plans, please contact Career Services ( or visit

Hands-On Learning

Ramapo Engineering Physics majors have found internships with local organizations such as UPS, Glatt Air Techniques, A&J Consulting Engineering Services, PC,and European-American Business Organization, Inc.

The faculty encourages and supports independent undergraduate research projects in computer studies, electronics, alternate energy sources and technologies, and optics. Facilities include well-equipped laboratories in electronics, advanced physics, computers, instrumentation, optics, and a machine shop.

The major offers in depth study into advanced topics such as electronics; mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetic theory and optics; relativity, atomic, and quantum theory; nuclear, sub-nuclear, and solid state physics; and computer science.