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College Republicans

The College Republicans seek to promote conservative political ideals on campus. Through the hosting of events and tablings, we seek to give fair representation to those who are on the right side of the political spectrum on campus. Bi-weekly meetings are held to give students a chance to have relaxed political discussion with other like-minded students. Students of all political persuasions are welcome—there is no requirement that members register with the Republican Party, and no student will take a political ideology test. As the officially recognized on-campus affiliate of the Republican Party, we also help Republicans get elected in federal, state, and local elections. Members can take part in canvassing and phone-banking for candidates, oftentimes for pay as generous as $15 per hour during campaign season. Members are invited to the NJ College Republicans Convention for little to no cost to the member, and they can also receive heavily discounted tickets to CPAC, the largest annual gathering of political conservatives in America.