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CNTP 190:
Black Lives Matter at Ramapo:
A College Colloquium on Race, Social Justice, and Representation

September 23 – October 21, 2020
Wednesdays from 6:05-7:45 p.m.

What do we mean when we use the phrase “Black Lives Matter”? What do we think when we hear it? We will unpack that and other issues related to the Black experience in this colloquium “Black Lives Matter at Ramapo.” We hope to engage in a series of lively, scholarly, and organic discussions that will allow faculty, staff and students to share in important conversations around race, justice, representation, and what the current state of race relations means for our campus. Can we set a new standard here at Ramapo?

Our goal is to begin a conversation in the Liberal Arts tradition around current political events, the national protests this summer, and the national elections this fall. The structure will be that of a teach-in, a short series of five presentations by Ramapo professors based on their work, that links scholarship to activism and current events. The events will feature 30-minute presentations by faculty across diverse fields of study who work with issues of race, representation, and social justice in their research, followed by extensive discussion for the second half. Each session will combine presentations on research with a discussion of strategies to teach and learn about the Black experience and advocate for structural change.

The events are open to all Ramapo students, staff, and faculty, by registration and will be held in the Sharp Theater. If we are working remotely because of Covid-19, these events will be WebEx streamed. Students may also enroll in the whole series as a 1-Credit P/F course whose only requirements are attendance at all sessions and submission of a short final reflection paper.

We are hoping to create a memorable, community-building experience for Ramapo students, something that takes advantage of our strengths as a faculty and as a small, nimble, innovative public liberal arts college. Using this college-wide colloquium format we mean to encourage students to experience perspectives from disciplines from across the college as they intersect with Black Lives Matter in different ways.

Presenters and Topics:

Sept. 23         Regina Clark (CA), “Black Activism at Ramapo”

Sept. 30         Indya Jackson (HGS), “New Jersey’s Unsung Black Radical Tradition”

Oct. 7             Tammi Redd (ASB), “Minority Entrepreneurship and the Digital Divide”

Oct. 14           John Peffer (CA), “Racial Profiling and Photographic Imaging”

Oct. 21           Karl Johnson (HGS), “Slavery by Another Name,” film and discussion

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Organized by: 

Dean Peter A. Campbell (Contemporary Arts), Prof. Regina Clark (Writing) and Prof. John Peffer (Art History)