College Catalog: 2010-2011

School of Social Science and Human Services (SSHS): Women's and Gender Studies


About the Minor

The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies introduces students to a remarkable new international body of research, criticism, creative work, and vigorous debate about women, gender, and sexuality. Students work with questions and methods from many disciplines. Courses deal with the meaning of feminine or masculine identities; the inscription of gender in literature and art, differences among women worldwide; the history of women and feminism; and current issues centering on motherhood, work, sexuality, and reproduction. Courses in Women’s and Gender Studies are often settings that enable students to formulate their educational, political, and career objectives. The minor is a logical component of a student’s preparation for a career in law, business, public health, the social services, and teaching; it may be combined especially easy with majors in literature, psychology and sociology.

Requirements of the Minor