College Catalog: 2010-2011

Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET)

The Ramapo College Program in Educational Technology can dramatically transform the roles of the teacher and student by bringing the world into the classroom. Advances in technology can accommodate diverse learning styles and performance levels, liberate teachers and students from the “one size fits all” model of education, enable students from dissimilar backgrounds to experience a common sense of accomplishment, provide bridges from school to career, and foster lifelong learning.

From its earliest years Ramapo College has earned widespread recognition for its initiatives in effecting change through staff development programs geared to elementary and secondary educators throughout the surrounding region. In addition to in-service institutes and workshops tailored to areas of defined need by school districts, the College has conducted multi-year programs centered on curricular reforms in mathematics and science which have earned acclaim.

Since 1994, the College has been the recipient of competitive grant funding exceeding $8 million dollars from the National Science Foundation and New Jersey State Department of Education for teacher enhancement projects in science and technology.

Escalating calls for graduate programs directed at the needs and concerns of the professional education community have spurred the College to design focused graduate studies grounded in the College conceptualization of its leadership mission in the improvement of pre-college education.

The program is aimed at certified teachers who possess a career goal of attaining higher levels of professional competence.

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