College Catalog: 2010-2011

Master of Arts in Sustainability Studies (MASS)

The Ramapo College Masters in Sustainability Studies (MASS) will equip its diverse students to build upon and transform their experience and knowledge into the emerging professional practice and scholarly discourse of sustainability. We will collaborate with faculty, students, and external partners in learning how to apply sustainability in a variety of institutional, organizational, cultural, commercial, professional, and geographical contexts.

Students graduating from MASS will have achieved development as leaders for sustainability by demonstrating their skills in three areas of practice: Sustainability Literacy and Communication, Methods of Sustainability Research, and the Practice of Sustainability.

First year courses are foundational, and team-taught by faculty from three schools. In the summer between the first and second years, students will undertake an internship, study abroad, or other appropriate experience. Second year courses focus on the practice of sustainability.

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