College Catalog: 2010-2011

School of Social Science and Human Services (SSHS): Social Science (B.A.)

Four Year Plan

Website: School of School of Social Science and Human Services


Concentration: Africana Studies, Community Mental Health, Cultural Studies,
Ethnic Relations, Gender Studies and Labor Studies.

About the Major

Social Science is an interdisciplinary contract major offered through the School of Social Science and Human Services. It is designed to enable students with specialized interests in the Social Sciences to develop, in collaboration with a faculty advisor, a coherent program of courses in areas of inquiry for which regular majors are not offered, allowing students to explore specialized or emerging fields. Examples of such programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Africana Studies (pending approval)
  • Community Mental Health
  • Cultural Studies
  • Ethnic Relations
  • Gender Studies
  • Labor Studies

It is recommended that students consider combining their major concentration with an appropriate minor(e.g. Sociology, Psychology, Substance Abuse, Women’s Studies, African-American Studies, Latin American Studies, Economics).

Each of the concentrations requires 10 courses at least 4 of which must be at the upper level and a research methods course. Since the choice of concentration and design of the major are individualized, interested students are encouraged to contact the convener early in their college careers.

The major is offered by the School of Social Science and Human Services and leads to a BA degree.In addition to the major requirements, students must fulfill the following General Education and School of Social Science and Human Services requirements below.

Requirements of the Major and Concentrations
  1. Transfer students who have 48 or more credits accepted at the time of transfer are waived from the courses marked with a (W) below.  Waivers only apply to General Education Requirements NOT School Core or Major Requirements.
  2. Double counting between General Education, School Core, and Major may be possible.  Check with your advisor to see if any apply.

Note: A 2.0 GPA in the major is required for graduation.