College Catalog: 2010-2011

School of American and International Studies (AIS): Spanish Language Studies (B.A.)

Four Year Plan

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About the Major

The Spanish Language Studies major at Ramapo College will provide students with the skills needed to communicate efficiently and confidently in Spanish, at the same time that it will provide them with a solid background in the history, historical influences, cultures, and literatures of the Hispanic world.  One of our major goals is developing advanced proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening as well as in the cultural and socio-linguistic aspects of the language.  Another goal is to promote an in-depth knowledge of the concentration disciplines.  Furthermore, our innovative curriculum extends beyond the traditional spaces of the Hispanic world to understand and celebrate the diversity of the Spanish-speaking communities today. Such comprehensive approach to Spanish Language Studies prepares students for success in graduate school as well as a wide range of careers in business, education, community organizations, law, communications, and government.

The major in Spanish Language Studies strives for excellence through oral and written exit proficiency requirements.  Through the oral defense of their senior thesis, majors prove their writing and communication skills in Spanish as well as knowledge of the subject matter.  In addition, all majors must pass an informal Oral Proficiency Interview administered by the Spanish faculty to determine exit language proficiency.  The program meets the state teacher certification standards for New Jersey.  Furthermore, the major in Spanish Language Studies strives to comply with admissions criteria for the leading graduate programs in Spanish.

Coursework in the major consists of at least 40 hours above intermediate level Spanish.  Students who wish to major in Spanish Language Studies have to have Intermediate Spanish II or an equivalent course or intermediate proficiency.  The required sequence includes a 28-hour core, including a Capstone Seminar in Spanish, plus a 12-hour concentration option.  This 12-hour concentration, selected by students, may focus on either literature or teacher education.  These concentrations consist of selected courses in Hispanic literature, culture, and the arts as well as education and pedagogy.

Students majoring in Spanish Language Studies are required to pursue an approved summer, semester- or year-long study abroad program in a Spanish-speaking country, service learning experience, or internship program.  We offer a semester- or year-long abroad program in Cádiz, Spain, in collaboration with the University of Washington in Seattle; another at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain; and many other programs in a variety of countries through the New Jersey State Consortium for International Studies (NJSCIS).

Requirements of the Major
  1. Transfer students who have 48 or more credits accepted at the time of transfer are waived from the courses marked with a (W) below.  Waivers only apply to General Education Requirements NOT School Core or Major Requirements.
  2. Double counting between General Education, School Core, and Major may be possible.  Check with your advisor to see if any apply.

Note: A 2.0 GPA in the major is required for graduation.

* Students whose proficiency places them in Intermediate II or higher may complete the five courses required for the minor by taking upper level courses. Information on placement and CLEP and NYU testing is available at the Testing Site.

** Students seeking credits for study abroad courses must get approval from world language conveners prior to travel.

Requirements of the Minor

Note: A school core is NOT required for completion of the minor. Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.