College Catalog: 2013-2014

ASB: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Website: Master of Business Administration

Program Director:

  • Timothy Landers (ASB)



About the Program

The Anisfield School of Business MBA Program prepares students to become senior leaders of a broad range of commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations.  This is accomplished through a comprehensive and highly integrated learning experience that gives students a solid base of global business knowledge and the ethical and socially responsible leadership skills to excel in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment.
Students completing the program will have:

  • The quantitative, analytical and technology skills to transform data from various sources into valuable information that informs strategic and operational decision making,
  • An in depth understanding of all major business functions and the key issues of and interrelationships among them,
  • Well-honed leadership skills that prepare them to adapt and innovate in order to responsibly and ethically address fundamentally new business problems and opportunities as they materialize,
  • The ability to communicate effectively at all levels of an organization, and with its external stakeholders,
  • A global perspective and sensitivity that allows them to successfully apply their business acumen anywhere in the world,
  • This program also provides additional concentrations of knowledge in student selected areas, all of which give students specialized and highly marketable skills that will help them to quickly advance along their career paths, and
  • Substantial experience in applying their newly acquired knowledge and skills through real world case studies and consulting projects conducted for domestic and multinational business clients.

The 42 credit, accelerated program is delivered over 20 months in a hybrid format with classes on campus two weeknights per week and online sessions required each week.  Students complete 6 credits (2 three credit courses) during each of 7 academic terms of 10 weeks.  There are four terms in the first year (fall, winter, spring and summer) and three terms in the second year (fall, winter and spring).  The program is a cohort model where students move through the 20 month program together, providing support and networking opportunities.  The maximum cohort size is 30 students.

Requirements of the Program
  1. Courses are taken in sequence and each student must register for both courses being offered each term.
  2. A minimum cumulative grade of B must be maintained at all times, for the successful completion of the program.