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Many colleges and universities in North America have begun to implement “Safe” programs on their campuses. Sometimes these programs are called “Safe Zone,” “Safe Space,” “Safe Harbor,” or “Safe On Campus.” The hallmark of these “Safe” programs is the public identification of allies by displaying the “Safe” logo, sticker, or sign on office and residence hall doors. Although it is unclear who first conceived of the “Safe” idea, the earliest we could find was the Ball State University program called “SAFE On Campus (Staff, Administration, and Faculty for Equality)” which was implemented during the 1992-1993 academic year. This program, initiated by the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Student Association, included some of the components that we are using presently at Ramapo College.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Safe Zone is to reduce homophobia and heterosexism on the Ramapo College campus, thereby making our campus a safer and freer environment for all members of our community regardless of sexual orientation. Safe Zone prepares members of the campus community, primarily faculty and staff, to serve as resources on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues and also strives to educate the campus community about the Safe Zone program. Our purpose is to offer a Safe Zone for all sexual minority people on our campus.

What it means to be a Safe Zone Ally

  • Allies are open to questions from and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their issues. Additionally, allies also answer questions from students who are heterosexual and who are, for example, trying to learn more or questioning the presence of an LGBT person in their class, residence hall or family.
  • Allies support policies that bring equity to otherwise inequitable situations and give open support for LGBT issues.
  • Allies encourage others to become a part of Safe Zone. The more willing people are to talk about these issues with facts and openness, the safer our campus will become for LGBT people.

The Purpose of the Safe Zone Sticker

  • The sticker helps to convey a message that the Safe Zone member is supportive, trustworthy and sensitive to the needs and concerns of LGBT people.
  • The sticker indicates that homophobic and heterosexist comments and actions will not be tolerated silently, but instead will be addressed in an educational, informative and non-threatening manner.
Members / Officers

Cherrie Kassem
Katharine McGee
Ann LePore
Mandolin Restivo
Mary Cicitta
Maya Poran
Susi Rachouh
Wanda Kosinski
Donna Crawley
Edith Margaret
Francis Murphy
Jillian Weiss
Martha Ecker
Mary Anne Carletta
Miki Cammarata
Patrick Chang
Roberta Saiff
MaryKate Mullins
Kathleen Fowler
Diana Alspach
Lysandra Perez-Strumolo
Alberta Tamika Quick
Sue Schur
Marshal Harth
Barbara Wexler
Donna Kauder
Rosemary Benz
Jose Vallejo
Linda Marie Konvit
Joshua Oliff
Roxene James
Caitlin Brass
Kristen Gottschalk
David Lewis-Colman
Jackie Schiller
Jim Woodley
Ben Levy
Wendy Levine
Bob Sproul
Heather Kristian
Natalia Ludivier
Shane Hoff
Vicky Blume
Jessica Roffe
Damian Meza
Nicholas Passaro
Katherine Branagan
Kristen Potanka
Megan Tierney
Michael Bange
Kelly Congleton
Matthew Kobza
Emily Shown
Leroy Blash
Nick Salter
Jesenia Chamorro
Carol Atkins
Elmore Wilson Jr.
Christine DeKnight
Orlando Naveo
Paul Reck

Jonathan Lipkin
Elvira Katic
Deanna DeBlasi
Angela M. Brockman
Dean McCarrol
Steven Perry
Sara Gordon
Dave Eicher
Jordanna Maziarz
Steven Shaw
Caitlyn Bolduc
Yamesha Woodley
John Atti
Samantha Wittenberg
Kate Levin
Naima Ricks
Joan Schofield
Candice Soder
Diana Atalla
Izumi Osawa-Minevich
Daniel Loughrey
Megan McDonough
Teresa Phung
Kathryn Godfrey
Janet Namkung
Neriko Doerr
Rajesh Adhikari
Olivia Evans
Kimberley Hausheer
Emily Davis
Vassiliki Flenga
Melissa Bonilla
Misha Choudhry
Derrel Murray
Brian Petty
Erin Mulligan
Peter Campbell
James Kostka
Nick Farfalla
Claudia Quitt
Cassidy Ebert
Andrew Meghri
Amanda Glick
David Ward
Elise Bucciarelli
Brendan McLaughlin
Danielle Deneroff
Judith Green
Venus Hewing
Jana Horowitz
Sheryl Millstein
Michael Alcée
Maria LaPorta
Angelica Russo
Joel Ingersoll
Paula DiGirolamo
Cory Rosenkranz
Marina Goldenberg
Debra Lukacsko
Francine Quintano

Yovanna Garcia
Brooke Jamison
Danielle Corcione
David Oh
Gabrielle Nasy
Megan Chan
Ryan McMichael
Jasmine Thaxton
Daniel Gonzalez
John Predale
Thomas Colella
Caroline May
Sydney Hopen
Angela Edson
Lindsey Grant
Haven Krynicky
Ryan McMichael
Jasmine Thaxton
Daniel Gonzalez
John Predale
Thomas Colella
Caroline May
Sydney Hopen
Angela Edson
Lindsey Grant
Haven Krynicky