Majors / Concentrations / Minors (M)

Electronic Art and Animation* (CA)
Engineering Physics (TAS) M
Environmental Science (TAS) M
Environmental Studies (SSHS) M
Ethnic Relations* (SSHS)
Finance* (Business Administration) (ASB)
Gender Studies* (SSHS)
Global Communication and Media* (CA)
History (SSHGS) M
Information Technology Management (ASB) M
Integrated Science Studies (TAS)
International Business (ASB) M
International Studies (SSHGS) M
Journalism* (CA)
Labor Studies* (SSHS)
Law and Society (SSHS)
Liberal Studies (SSHGS)
Literature (SSHGS) M
Management* (Business Administration) (ASB)
Marketing* (Business Administration) (ASB)
Mathematics (TAS) M
Medical Imaging Science (TAS) M

Music (CA) M
Music Industry* (CA)
Music Performance* (CA)
Music Production* (CA)
Music Studies* (CA)
Nursing (TAS) M
Photography* (CA)
Political Science (SSHGS) M
Professional Communications (Degree Completion Program) (CA)
Psychology (SSHS) M
Public Sociology* (SSHS)
Sculpture* (CA)
Sculpture with Art Therapy (Joint Program with Caldwell College) (CA)
Social Science (SSHS)
Social Science: Justice (Degree Completion Program) (SSHS)
Social Work (SSHS)
Sociology (SSHS) M
Spanish Language Studies (SSHGS) M
Teacher Education (Certification Program)
Theater (CA) M
Theater Studies* (CA)
Visual Arts (CA) M
Visual Communication Design* (CA)
Writing* (CA)

M – Denotes the option to take as a Minor.

* A concentration is a focus on a more targeted field of the major. Some majors have concentrations in which you choose your course of study. These majors include Business Administration, Communication Arts, Music, and Social Science.


Minors without Majors