Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise



Medicare and Medicaid:
Reform or Abolish to Provide
Better Health Care Outcomes
Moderated by Dr. Murray Sabrin
April 21, 7 p.m., Trustees Pavilion

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The Income Tax: Necessary Evil,
Or the Root of All Evil?

Moderated By Dr. Murray Sabrin
April 17, 7pm, Trustees Pavilion

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To be a premier academic center recognized for bridging research and practice to further business excellence in for-profit and non-profit organizations, locally, nationally and globally.


The Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise through various initiatives will focus on enhancing our understanding of the free enterprise system, offering nonprofit solutions to social issues, fostering innovation and social entrepreneurship and analyzing how government policies impact both the free market and the nonprofit sector.


The Center will provide annual scholarships that are eligible to all business majors who demonstrate academic excellence and commitment to the mission.

The center also funds Faculty/ student research and mission related lectures, panels, and symposia.