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Since its founding in 1969, Ramapo College of New Jersey has had a clear commitment to sustainability.  As the world around us has come to realize the importance of renewable energy, pollution control and elimination and “green practices”, we have renewed our commitment to sustainability.

With the opening of Ramapo College’s new Sharp Sustainability Education Center, the recent approval of our Strategic Plan establishing sustainability as a fundamental principle, and the signing of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, Ramapo continues to dedicate itself to creating a more sustainable campus.

– Peter P. Mercer


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June 17, 2015Introducing the Sustainable Living Facilities (SLF)

By Heather Darley, Class of 2015 Whether you’ve got a future in finance or prospects in psychology, sustainability is a community where we can all come together to build a brighter tomorrow. The world we currently live in is troubled with ecological, economic and social crises. From climate change to the wealth gap to struggling ...

March 30, 2015Car Pooling at Ramapo College

Car Pooling at Ramapo How can commuters involve themselves in many of the sustainability initiatives in college. A great program, designed by the Center for Stduent Involvement, to get involved is the Ramapo carpooling initiative. It addresses many of the questions commuters are concerned about:. Are there any commuters at Ramapo who travel from the ...

December 23, 2014Rocket Composter Now Operational On Campus

Ramapo College has installed a Rocket Composter, behind the Pavilion Dining Hall.  We ran it on a trial basis this past Fall, to get a feel for operations and output, and will begin composting in earnest after the Winter Break. We have assembled a team of volunteers, who have taken responsibility for feeding and maintaining ...

December 23, 2014Committee On Campus Sustainability Launched

Dear Friends, President Mercer has recently formed a Committee on Campus Sustainability, to oversee and coordinate all actions pertaining to campus sustainability. As Chair of the President's Committee on Campus Sustainability (PCCS), I invite you to join us in supporting this renewed push toward a more sustainable future. This Fall has been a vigorous semester ...