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Why do we need a Women’s Center?

Because the Women’s Center works towards combating issues from a racialized history and marginalization towards oppressed subgroups. The Women’s Center promotes equality and partners frequently with cultural clubs and organizations on campus.

Because of one’s culture, ethnicity, or the color of their skin they are a part of specific stereotypes and representations here in the United States. The Women’s Center works to bring a variety of programs, which show an appreciation for ethnicity and culture.

Because according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 3% of women on college campuses are sexually assaulted each year. At Ramapo College, this translates to approximately 65 women each year. The Women’s Center provides free resources and peer listening to survivors of sexual assault.

Because individuals of the LGBTQI community are marginalized, discriminated against, and denied the right to the pursuit of happiness as stated in the U.S. Constitution. The Queer Peer Services Coordinator hosts a bi-weekly discussion group called inQlusive, created for individuals who identify as queer and who want to network with other queer individuals and talk about issues affecting the queer community. Along with Queer History Month and a variety of other programming throughout the year, we also have our Queer Peer Services Coordinator who can be reached at x. 7468.

Because the Women’s Center works towards celebrating all aspects of diversity found both at Ramapo College and outside the Ramapo College Community. Through the celebration of these differences are events from Queer History Month and Women’s Herstory Month; as well as collaborations with Disability Awareness Month, Latino Heritage Celebration, African Ancestry Month, and Asian Pacific Islander Month.

Because of YOU! Come stop by the Women’s Center in C-220 and tell us what issues are important to you on our campus.


Women's CenterWomen's Center

Women's CenterWomen's Center