facilitiesGeneral Information

The Ramapo College campus totals more than 300 acres with approximately 2,000,000 in building square footage.

The Facilities complex is located at the extreme eastern end of campus and contains:

  • Administrative Offices
  • Central Receiving
  • Trades and Repairs Shops
  • Boiler Room


“To provide and maintain a safe, comfortable and functional environment in support of all teaching, learning and community based activities at Ramapo College of New Jersey.”


Phone: (201)-684-7663
Listen to the menu and follow the directions to be routed to the appropriate party.


  • Administrative Office
    Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Building Maintenance
    Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
    Saturday & Sunday, 2:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
  • Housekeeping
    Monday – Friday, 24-Hour Coverage
    Saturday & Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Grounds Maintenance
    Monday – Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • HVAC
    Monday – Sunday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Staff / Organizational Chart

Department FAX number

Ronald Martucci, PE
Director of Facilities and
Campus Planning
Phone: 201-684-7758
Mobile: 201-481-2450
E-Mail: rmartucci@ramapo.edu

Michael Cunningham
Associate Director of Facilities
Daily Operations
Phone: 201-684-7666
Mobile: 201-680-8009
E-Mail: mcunning@ramapo.edu

Gene Ritchie
Associate Director of Facilities
Housekeeping, Event Setups, Sustainability
Phone: 201-684-7664
Mobile: 201-481-7373
E-Mail: gritchie@ramapo.edu

Gene Dubicki, AIA
Project Manager
Phone: 201-684-7336
Mobile: 201-481-2460
E-Mail: gdubicki@ramapo.edu

Richard Hoatson
Assistant Director, Facilities
HVAC, CCTV, Fire, Projects
Phone: 201-684-7665
Mobile: 973-289-6573
E-Mail: rhoatson@ramapo.edu

Sonia Rosko
Associate Supervisor, Facilities
Budget, Contracts, Signage, Training
Phone: 201-684-7595
E-Mail: srosko@ramapo.edu

John Bridgeman
Associate Supervisor, Facilities
Phone: 201-684-7335
Mobile: 201-206-4274
E-Mail: jbridgem@ramapo.edu

Seamus Doran
Project Manager & Telecom.
Phone: 201-684-7013
Mobile: 201-788-4558
E-Mail: sdoran@ramapo.edu

Chuck Jurgensen
Supervisor of Facilities & Operations
Phone: 201-684-7182
E-Mail: cjurgens@ramapo.edu

Brian McDaniel
Chief Operating Engineer, HVAC
Phone:  201-684-7671
Mobile:  201-206-8297
E-Mail: bmcdanie@ramapo.edu

Anthony Casilli
Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone:  201-684-7437
Mobile:  201-481-1547
E-Mail: acasilli@ramapo.edu

Theodore Goodman
Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 201-684-6840
Mobile: 201-481-5917
E-Mail: tgoodman@ramapo.edu

William Ricks
Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 201-684-7289
Mobile: 201-481-0570
E-Mail: wricks@ramapo.edu

Colin MacDonnell
Supervisor of Landscape Maintenance
Phone: 201-684-7342
Mobile:  201-779-0548
E-Mail: cmacdonn@ramapo.edu

Charles Rigoloso
Assistant Supervisor, Building Repairs
Phone: 201-684-7338
Mobile: 201-481-2738
E-mail: crigolos@ramapo.edu

Don Simpson
Assistant Supervisor of Building Repairs
Phone: 201-684-7064
E-Mail: dsimpson@ramapo.edu

James DeKnight
Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone:  201-684-7767
E-Mail: jdeknigh@ramapo.edu

Leonard Doorn
Crew Supervisor, Mechanic
Phone: 201-684-7258
E-Mail: ldoorn@ramapo.edu

Doug Lawrence
Crew Supervisor, Carpenters
Phone:  201-684-7827
E-Mail:  dolawren@ramapo.edu

Charles Milligan
Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 201-684-7289
E-Mail: cmilliga@ramapo.edu

Roger Mitchem
Assistant Head Grounds Worker
Phone:  201-684-7131
E-Mail:  rmitchem@ramapo.edu

Angel Otero
Crew Supervisor, Locksmith
Phone: 201-684-7854
E-Mail: aotero@ramapo.edu

Donald Schwenzer
Crew Supervisor, Building Maintenance
Phone: 201-684-7327
Mobile:  201-779-0137
E-Mail: dschwenz@ramapo.edu

William Schwenzer
Assistant Head Grounds Worker
Phone:  201-684-7131
E-Mail:  wschwenz@ramapo.edu

Ivan Velasquez
Housekeeping Supervisor
Phone: 201-684-7437
E-Mail: ivelasqu@ramapo.edu

Bruce Werman
Administrative Assistant/Draftsman
Phone: 201-684-7334
E-Mail: bwerman@ramapo.edu

Patricia Heath
Professional Services Specialist
Housekeeping Support
Phone: 201-684-7917
E-Mail: pheath@ramapo.edu

Renee Krupa
Professional Services Specialist
Procurement Support
Phone: 201-684-7691
E-Mail: rkrupa@ramapo.edu

Lori Radassao
Professional Services Specialist
Service Desk, Vehicles
Phone: 201-684-7333
E-Mail: lradassa@ramapo.edu

Denise Cole
Program Assistant
Service Desk
Phone: 201-684-7337
E-Mail:  dcole@ramapo.edu

Joan Toli
Program Assistant
Trades Support
Phone: 201-684-7691
E-Mail: jtoli@ramapo.edu