Public Safety

How to Report a Crime, Emergency Situation, or Violation of Ramapo College Policies

  1. Call Public Safety at 684-6666 (or extension 6666 if using an internal Ramapo College phone) or come to the Public Safety Office located on the ground floor of C-wing, Room C-102. (Ramapo College Public Safety TDD 684-7011.)
  2. Provide a clear and distinct description of what the incident was about, who was involved, where it took place, when it took place, and, if you know, how or why it came about. Be as specific as possible and give your own name and those of other witnesses.
  3. If the emergency appears to be immediately life or public safety threatening, or involves the commission of a serious crime, call 9-911. (Calls from internal Ramapo phones, including those in the residence facilities, must be made by dialing “9” first and then 911.) Be advised that ambulances, which are staffed by volunteers, are dispatched only by the Mahwah Police. Similarly, the volunteer Fire Department is sent to the College by the Mahwah Police Department. Do not call 9-911 unless an immediate and true emergency exists. The non-emergency Mahwah Police phone number is 529-1000. Ramapo also has its own EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Squad which is dispatched by the Mahwah Police Department.
  4. Crimes or violations of College policies may also be reported to employees who do not work in the Public Safety Department but who are involved with student and campus activities. Those employees who are told about the commission or probable commission of one of the serious crimes outlined in the statistics section of this publication, must report specific information to the Public Safety Department (Room C-102, extension 6666) or to the Student Affairs Office (Room C-212, extension 7457). These offices will, in turn, notify the Mahwah Police so a formal investigation can begin. All College personnel who learn of a crime must report that fact to the Public Safety Office or Student Affairs Office. (The staff of the Center for Health and Counseling Services is exempt from this specific reporting requirement, although, if a client discusses with a counselor knowledge of a crime, the counselor should explore options with the client including the voluntary reporting of that crime to the proper authorities.)
  5. Reports concerning campus crimes made to any College official become part of the official crime statistics for the College which are then published in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Public Safety Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. Each year representatives from the Office of Student Conduct, Public Safety, and Student Affairs meet to compile the crime statistics and prepare the annual report. In addition, the Public Safety Office consults with the Mahwah Police Department to corroborate all data. Public notices regarding campus crimes will be published on short notice if a danger to the College community persists.