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G-Wing Renovation/Adler Center Addition

The third and fourth floors of G-Wing are substantially complete and were occupied by faculty, staff and students at the start of the fall ’14 semester.  Design professionals have prepared punch lists which have been turned over to the contractor for completion.

Occupants of the firs and second floors have vacated their offices and the spaces are currently being demolished for the planned renovations.  These floors are scheduled to be substantially complete and ready for occupancy for the fall ’15 semester.

On-going work at the Adler Center involves finishes such as painting, flooring, acoustical ceilings, and built-in millwork.  The building mechanical system is now operational providing heat to allow temperature sensitive work to proceed on schedule.  The Adler Center will be substantially complete by February 2015 except for the main lobby area which is scheduled for completion in March 2015.

Re-Roofing/Solar Panel Installation

The roof replacement portion of the project involving the roofs of the Phase I Academic Building (Wings A-E), the Library, H-Wing, the Student Center and the Pine Hall student residence is  complete.  The scope of work also included replacement of all of the failed caulk in the slate panels on the academic core buildings.

Regarding solar, National Energy Partners’ subcontractor has completed design of the photovoltaic system which now includes panels on the roofs of Pamela M. Bischoff Hall, Nancy Mackin Hall, and the Bill Bradley Sports and Recreation Center.  The private partner has obtained all required approvals for system installation with commencement in January 2015.

Library Fourth Floor Archives

The main portion of the project involved a move of the Center for Reading and Writing, formerly the Center for Academic Success (CAS) from the second floor of the E-Wing in the Phase I Academic Building to the second floor of the Library. This phase of the work is complete.

These renovated Library spaces previously housed a substantial portion of the Library’s periodicals as well as some of the College’s significant archives.  Those collections has to be moved elsewhere.  The periodicals were secured within a nearby area of the second floor and the archived materials were relocated to a temporary enclosure on the fourth floor.

This project involves demolish of temporary enclosure and replacement with a dedicated room to house the College’s relocated archives.  It is scheduled for completion by mid-January 2015.

Padovano College Commons

A draft program prepared by a task force appointed by President Mercer envisions the existing Copy Center repurposed for dining, socializing and meeting. A generous pledge from Professor Anthony Padovano announced by the President will help advance the project.

The College has engaged ikon.5 Architects to assist in programming space usage and preparing design documents.  The latest project schedule reflects completion of the Programming Phase in mid-October 2014, Schematic Design in mid-December 2014, Design Development in March 2015, Construction Documents in June 2015, and Construction from September 2015 through April 2016.

Campus-Wide Fiber Infrastructure Upgrade

The College’s existing cabling infrastructure is capable of supporting a maximum speed of one gigabit of data per second (Gbps).  this capability is outmoded given the current and forecasted technologies for voice technologies for voice, video and data and widespread utilization of the Ethernet throughout the campus by students, faculty and staff.

A more robust system would  meet demand for greater upload and download speeds and bandwidth.  The College applied for and received approval for a grant from the State-supported bond program, i.e., the Higher Education Technology Infrastructure Fund (HETI), administered by the New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority.  The College issued a RFP for consulting services related to the project and has retained the Commsult Group to assist with the preparation of design documents for bidding and construction.

When complete, this project will enhance the College’s fiber backbone and support greater demands for speed and bandwidth o up to 10Gbps with current network equipment and provide transmission capability of up to 40Gbps in the future in conjunction with new network electronics.

Interior Signage – Academic Buildings

Campus buildings require updated interior signage to help visitors and students navigate to their respective schools, departments, and activities. In addition to individual room numbering, general directories shall be placed at key nodes or intersections on all floors within the wings of the Phase I Academic Building, Wings H and G, the Potter Library, the Scott Student Center, and the Mansion. The project scope encompasses signage for all floors within the wings of the Phase I Academic Building, Wings H and G, the Potter Library, the Scott Student Center, the Mansion, Berrie Center for Fine & Performing Arts and the Bill Bradley Sports & Recreation Center. Project deliverables include:

Building Directories

Floor/Department/Unit Directories

Floor Directional Signs

Room Identification

Cubicle Signs and Information Kiosks (where specifically designated)

Selected signage replacements and installations were completed for the Potter Library and portions of the Academic Building, with subsequent signage placement scheduled for spring 2015.   Presently, vendors are engaged to fabricate mock ups of directories at remaining portions of the Phase I Academic Building cores, the Student Center, and the G-Wing.  These installations are scheduled to begin January and February 2015.

Preparations for subsequent bid documents for remaining buildings will begin February 2015.  To supplement in-place signage, smartphone/tablet applications to assist in campus way finding are also under consideration.

Student Center Alterations and Expansion

As one of the first steps for the renewal of the “heart of the campus,” alterations are planned for the Student Center Food Court as illustrated in the College’s Facilities Master Plan.

Programming services were completed by the Architect together with preliminary designs that highlight new servery stations, increased dining capacity, and new social spaces to better integrate the Student Center with the campus hub.  Studies for the expansion of the Student Center based on quantitative studies, site analysis, and campus surveys are also presently underway.

The proposed construction schedule follows two (2) overlapping phases – interior renovations followed closely by building expansions at the north and east elevations of the Student Center.  The construction periods would range from April 2015 through the end of August 2015 for Phase I and from June 2015 through December 2015 for Phase II.

H-Wing - Les Paul Sound Studio

The Les Paul Foundation in New York City awarded a $150,000 grant to the College in furtherance of the foundation’s mission to support music, music engineering and sound programs.  The College has dedicated space on the second floor of H-Wing for a state-of-the-art audio and music production facility; when complete, it will likely be the best facility of its kind in an academic setting in the region.  The studio will serve as the audio recording and sound design for the Communications Arts major, which has over 450 students, with a renovation of the space and enhancement of the equipment, will serve as the primary music recording and production facility for the Music major, which has grown dramatically over the past four years, from 80 students to over 160 students.

The project calls for an architectural renovation of the existing facility to provide sound effects studio, a secure storage area for equipment and instruments, and the installation of a professional grade recording mixing board in a separate adjacent room.  Enhanced acoustic treatment, improved LED lighting, and carefully selected finishes will make the studio very attractive to potential students while improving current faculty and students with a vibrant, professional teaching and learning environment.  Courses scheduled to be taught in the studio include Fundamental of Audio, Audio-Post-Production, Sound Design for Digital Media, and Recording Arts I and II.  Additionally, students will have access to the facility via swipe cards, and may reserve the studio to work outside of the class time.

The project construction documents are substantially complete and will be submitted to DCA for code review concurrently with bidding in order to complete the project by the spring ’15 semester.

Academic Building Restroom/Core Ceilings Renovation/Door Replacement

The two-story, 166,000 GSP Phase I Academic Building was first occupied in September 1971.  Its five wings (A-E) are separated by six cores (1-6).  Each core has one men’s and one women’s restroom on the first floor only.  All the restrooms and Cores 2-5 are in need of renovation (Core 1 was renovated as part of the first phase renovation of Wing A during the summer of 2013).

The design is in progress by the architectural/engineering team with construction documents scheduled for submission to DCA and to the College for bidding by the end of September 2014.  Completion is scheduled for December 2015.

College Park Apartments Interior Renovation and Exterior of the Laundry Room and Site Repairs and Improvements

The scope of the work will include demolishing and replacing bathroom fixtures and finishes; replacing kitchen floors, appliances, millwork and fixtures; replacing bedroom and living room carpeting and light fixtures; refinishing and painting walls and ceilings; replacing all existing doors and hardware; and installing vinyl composition tile (VCT) at floor landings and replacing stair carpet with rubber treads.  Additional work is needed to upgrade site conditions and renovate the exterior of the Laundry Room serving the facilities.