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The Ombuds Office provides the following services for faculty, staff, and students:

Conflict Assessment

Conflict assessment is the essential first stage in the process of conflict management and resolution. Phases of conflict assessment include, but are not limited to:

    • Fact-finding/Information gathering
    • Analysis
    • Feedback mechanisms

The Ombuds Office provides conflict assessment services when evaluating: (1) individual or systemic equity & diversity issues; and/or (2) making recommendations for change regarding administrative policy and procedures.  While we do not keep records of specific complaints or problems, we do keep track of general statistical patterns and bring concerns to the attention of the president and those with the authority to make institutional improvement.


The Ombuds Office schedules confidential meetings with inquirers that contact our office to discuss issues.  Meeting locations can vary depending on the preference and needs of inquirers that elect to use this service. During these meetings, inquirers will be able to:

    • Talk about problems in confidence with an impartial person;
    • Inquire about and get information regarding applicable policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and other resources;
    • Discuss goals and alternatives and plan a conflict management strategy for dealing with the problem;
    • Get referrals to other offices that may provide additional help;
    • Recommend changes in existing policies, procedures and practices; and
    • Request other services such as mediation, facilitation, and training.


Mediation is a process in which an impartial third party assists disputants in finding a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute. Mediation is both voluntary and confidential.

The Ombuds Office provides mediation services to resolve conflict and disputes within the Ramapo College Community. This service is free of charge and is available to students, staff, and faculty upon request.


Through our facilitation service, the Ombuds Office assists groups, units, divisions, departments and/or schools in addressing disputes and achieving desired outcomes through problem solving strategies and structured dialogue.All facilitations are conducted by a neutral third party.


Training provided by the Ombuds Office is designed to assist the College in addressing targeted organizational and human development needs. Training topics range from Dispute Resolution to Change Management.