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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Credit and Grade Point Average Requirements
Courses Used in the Calculation of GPA in the Major
Policy on Retaking Courses
Residency Requirements
School Core
General Education
Major Programs
Double Majors
Minor Programs
Second Ramapo College Baccalaureate Degree
Second Baccalaureate Degree
Graduation With Distinction (Latin Honors)

Second Ramapo College Baccalaureate Degree

Students who hold a baccalaureate degree from Ramapo College should make application through the Admissions Office indicating their intent to pursue a second degree career.

Students must complete all the graduation requirements for the major including:
1. a minimum of one half of the major, or second major, or minor must be completed at Ramapo
2. a maximum of one half of the major from the first degree may be counted toward the second major,
3. completion of a school core as listed under Second Major section of this Catalog and,
4. a minimum of 32 credits in residency at Ramapo College.

Note: Ramapo graduates who majored in Accounting, Information Systems, Business Administration (concentrations in Finance, Management or Marketing) or in International Business may not seek a second Ramapo College undergraduate degree in any major offered from the Anisfield School of Business other than Economics, except by special permission of the Anisfield School of Business dean.

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