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Graduation Requirements 
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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Credit and Grade Point Average Requirements
Courses Used in the Calculation of GPA in the Major
Policy on Retaking Courses
Residency Requirements
School Core
General Education
Major Programs
Double Majors
Minor Programs
Second Ramapo College Baccalaureate Degree
Second Baccalaureate Degree
Graduation With Distinction (Latin Honors)

Policy on Retaking Courses

This policy refers to courses taken and passed in the major and established procedures for the achievement of the required G.P.A. in the major.

1. Students may retake a maximum of three courses in the major.
2. Students may only retake courses in the major with the lowest grades (or courses in the major approved by the convening group as especially important regardless of the original grade).
3. Students may only retake a previously-passed course once.
Credits from a retaken course are not counted toward graduation credit and must be subtracted from the "earned credit" column on the transcript (grade report). When a course is completed the second time, both grades are used in determining cumulative G.P.A. and G.P.A. in the major.

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