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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
Credit and Grade Point Average Requirements
Courses Used in the Calculation of GPA in the Major
Policy on Retaking Courses
Residency Requirements
School Core
General Education
Major Programs
Double Majors
Minor Programs
Second Ramapo College Baccalaureate Degree
Second Baccalaureate Degree
Graduation With Distinction (Latin Honors)

Courses Used in the Calculation of the G.P.A. in the Major

All courses listed as "Requirements for the Major" (often includes Professional Cores and/or prerequisites)

Any and all courses taken that carry the major disciplinary designation (for example: History major - all HIST courses; Biology major, all BIOL courses, etc.).

For interdisciplinary majors, any and all courses taken which are listed as possible electives for the major.

Unless double-counted in the major, general education courses do not count in the major G.P.A.

For students failing to meet the G.P.A. requirement in the major, the following Policy on Retaking Courses must be adhered to. Students are responsible for compliance with this policy and any coursework taken inappropriately will not be considered when determining the G.P.A. in the major.

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