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Catalog 2004-2005
Theater (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Contemporary Arts
Course Descriptions Convener: Helene Shamash

CTHE 104 Introduction to Theater 3 crs.
CTHE 221 Basic Acting 4 crs.
CTHE 232 History of Theater 3 crs.
CTHE 233 Development of Modern Theater 3 crs.
CTHE 239 Basic Directing 4 crs.
A course in Theater Design or Technical Theater 3-4 crs.
CTHE 242 Producing the Play   (must be taken two times) 8 crs.
CTHE 430 Career Preparation for Theater 1 cr.
 Three advanced level theater courses 9-12 crs.
Running Crew Requirement: Must serve on running crew on at least two Contemporary Arts theater productions.

Minimum: 38-42 crs.

School Core Requirements
School of Contemporary Arts

Lower Level Distribution  
Choose one course from each of the following three categories
(for a list of courses in these categories, see Lower Level Distribution Courses)
9-12 crs.
  Communication Arts
Visual Arts

Upper Level Core**
Two upper-level (300/400) Contemporary Arts courses designated CA Upper Level Core 6-8 crs.

Core Credits: 15-20 crs.

**Courses taken to fulfill the upper level core cannot be counted in the major

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