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Catalog 2004-2005
Upper Level Core Courses
Course Descriptions School of Contemporary Arts

CART 330 Art As Therapy  
CARH 301 American Art After 1940  
CARH 335 European Art 1789-1848  
CARH 338 Avant Garde Art  
CARH 341 Impressionism and After  
CCOM 317 Media and Persuasion  
CCOM 334 History and Asthetics: Film Editing  
CCOM 356 Media and Technology  
CINT 305 Cuban, Cinema and Culture  
CINT 310 Black Experience/Media  
CINT 313 Symbolism and Media Image  
CINT 315 Art and Technology  
CINT 321 Philosophy of Beauty  
CINT 327 Global Multi-Cultural Media Issues  
CINT 347 American Independent Cinema  
CINT 348 Latino Images and Hollywood  
CINT 363 Media and Culture--Latin America  
CINT 404 The Dramatic Element  
CINT 406 Sexual Politics, Gender and Film Representation  
CINT 414 From Fiction to Film  
CINT 424 African American Women in Film  
CINT 426 Contemporary Criticism: Film  
CINT 432 Media, Sports and Society  
CINT 447 History and Asthetics - Performance Art  
CMUS 309 Women, Music and Culture  
CMUS 325 Writing about Music  
CMUS 328 Soundtracks  
CMUS 335 Avant Garde and Experimental Music  
CMUS 345 DJ Culture  
CMUS 365 Contemporary Perspectives on Music  
CTHE 318 Performance Study: Masks  
CTHE 323 Experimental Theater 1950-Present  
CTHE 328 Contemporary Women Playwrights  
CTHE 331 Theater and Society  
CTHE 334 Theater and Society II  
ZSRS 410 Media in Society  
ZSRS 415 Jazz and Amerian Culture  
ZSRS 444 Asthetics of Nihilism: Israeli and Palestinian Cinema  
ZSRS 446 Digital Culture  
ZSRS 462 Music in Everyday Life
ZSRS 466 Issues in Contemporary Theater
ZSRS 468 Art and Exile
ZSRS 487 Film, Culture, History, and Myth
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