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Catalog 2004-2005
Teacher Education Program

Course Descriptions Contact - (201) 684-7627

Elementary Endorsements

Students seeking the elementary education endorsement may select a major in any of our disciplines in the Arts and Sciences. For example, majors in art, history, literature, mathematics, music, psychology, and science are all appropriate for pursuing this endorsement. Students do not major in elementary education at Ramapo College. This means that the curriculum for teacher certification is a very ambitious academic program. Students are completing the equivalent of a double major in terms of course requirements.

Professional Education (all courses or equivalents required)*
MEDU 221 Social Context of Education 3 crs.
MEDU 315 Teaching Principles and Practices 3 crs.
MEDU 443 Teaching for Effective Learning 4 crs.
MEDU 446 Reading - Theory and Practice 3 crs.
MEDU 444 Methods of Teaching Elementary Education: Language Arts, Social Studies, and Art 3 crs.
MEDU 445 Methods of Teaching Elementary Education: Math and Science 3 crs.
MEDU 491 Student Teaching 12 crs.
Social and Behavioral Science (all courses or equivalents required)*
MMET 101 Social Issues 4 crs.
M/SPSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 crs.
MPSY 215 Learning, Cognition, and Teaching 3 crs.
Physiology and Hygiene (one course or equivalent required)*
Life Science and Biology
SBIO 101 Introduction to Biology 4 crs.
SBIO 110 Fundamentals of Biology I 4 crs.
SBIO 213 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 crs.
Personal Health and Health Education
M/SPSY 326 Love and Human Sexuality 3 crs.
SBIO 240 Nutrition 3 crs.
SBIO 345 Nutrition and Human Metabolism 3 crs.
M/SPSY 251 Substance Abuse 3 crs.
Speech Communication (one course or equivalent required)*
CCOM 101 Effective Speaking 3 crs.
CCOM 222 Public Speaking 3 crs.
CTHE 115 Basic Acting for Non Majors 3 crs.
CTHE 260 Voice and Movement 4 crs.
Technology (one course or equivalent required)*
MEDU 440 Systems Thinking 3 crs.
MEDU 450 Technology in the Classroom 3 crs.
General Education (one course required in each of the listed areas)*
College Mathematics
SMTH 101 Math with Applications 3 crs.
SMTH 102 Math Reason w/ Elementary Functions 3 crs.
SMTH 103 Growth and Symmetry 3 crs.
College English
AENG 180 College English 4 crs.

*Equivalents must be approved by the Director of Teacher Education
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