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Catalog 2004-2005
Substance Abuse
Requirements of the Minor
School of Theoretical and Applied Science
Course Descriptions Convener: Marshall Harth

NOTE: A school core is NOT required for completion of the minor.
Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.

M/SPSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 crs.
Biology Requirement (select one of the following)* 4 crs.
  SBIO 101 Introduction to Biology
SBIO 110 Fundamentals of Biology I Lec/Lab

Introductory Course (must be taken prior to core courses)**  
M/SPSY 251 Substance Abuse 3 crs.
MPSY 315/
SPSY 313
Community and Planning Issues (S) 3 crs.
M/SPSY 330 Drugs and Behavior (F) 3 crs.
M/SPSY 336 Counseling Substance Abusers I (F) 3 crs.
M/SPSY 338 Counseling Substance Abusers II (S) 3 crs.
M/SPSY 403** Fieldwork in Substance Abuse (S) 3 crs.

  Minimum 18 crs.

*An approved course in Biology may be substituted by approval of the convener.
**Psychology majors could fulfill both Category VI and Substance Abuse minor requirements by working in an appropriate agency dealing with Substance Abuse.
(S) Course offered in Spring Semester
(F) Course offered in Fall Semester

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