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Catalog 2004-2005
Computer Science (BS)
Requirements of the Major
School of Theoretical and Applied Science
Course Descriptions Convener: Victor Miller

SCMP 147/148 Computer Science I and II 7 crs.
SCMP 220 Assembly Language Programming 3 crs.
SCMP 231 Data Structures 3 crs.
SCMP 311 Operating Systems 3 crs.
SCMP 361 Software Design 3 crs.
SCMP 366 Organization of Programming Lanugages 3 crs.
SMTH 111 Calculus I 4 crs.
SMTH 217 Discrete Structures 4 crs.
SCMP 450 Senior Project
(students should plan to take this course last)
3 crs.
Computer Science electives from the following 21 crs.
  SCMP 315 UNIX Environment
SCMP 316 Advanced UNIX Programming
SCMP 325 Computer Networks
SCMP 327 Network Programming
SCMP 331 Artificial Intelligence
SCMP 342 Computer Graphics
SCMP 345 Analysis of Algorithms
SCMP 355 Microcomputers
SCMP 357 Windows XP/2000/NT/9X Programming
SCMP 358 GUI Programming with MFC
SCMP 364 Database Design
SCMP 367 Advanced Topics: (topics vary)
SCMP 368 Compiler Design
SCMP 373 Object Oriented Programming
SCMP 410 Computer Science Research
SPHY 320 Logic Design and Digital Devices
Mathematics Electives 6 crs.
  NOTE: AnyMathematics courses that have Calculus I as a prerequisite.  

  Minimum 60 crs.

TAS School Core Requirements

Science in Cultural Perspectives (SCP) 6 crs.

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