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Catalog 2004-2005
Biochemistry (BS)
Requirements of the Major
School of Theoretical and Applied Science
Course Descriptions Convener: William Mitchell

SBIO 110/112 Fundamentals of Biology I and II (lecture and lab) 8 crs.
SCHM 110/111 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SCHM 112/113 Fundamentals of Chemistry II (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SPHY 114/115 Fundamentals of Physics I and II with Calculus (lecture and lab) 8 crs.
SCHM 210/211 Organic Chemistry I (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SCHM 212/213 Organic Chemistry II (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SMTH 111/112 Calculus I and II 8 crs.
SBIO 331 Genetics (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SCHM 323 Analytical Chemistry (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SBIO 406 Cell and Molecular Biology (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
SCHM 425 Biochemistry 3 crs.
SCHM 426 Experimental Biochemistry Lab 1 cr.
SCHM 340/341 Physical Chemistry I (lecture and lab) 4 crs.
One elective selected from the following 3-4 crs.
  SBIO 310 Microbiology (lecture and lab) (4 crs.)
SCHM 342/343 Physical Chemistry II (lecture and lab) (4 crs.)
SCHM 421 Advanced Organic Chemistry (3 crs.)
SCHM 448 Chemical Research (3 crs.)
SMTH 211 Multivariable Calculus (4 crs.)
SBIO 430 Bioinformatics (3 crs.)
SCHM 450 Special Topics [must be approved by advisor] (3 crs.)

  Minimum 63-64 crs.

NOTE: Students may not have a double major in Biochemistry and Biology OR Biochemistry and Chemistry. Biology and /or Chemistry may be taken only as a Minor with this major.
TAS School Core Requirements

Science in Cultural Perspectives (SCP) 6 crs.

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