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Catalog 2004-2005
Sociology (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Social Science and Human Services
Course Descriptions Convener: Yolanda Prieto

MSOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 crs.

MSOC 235 Comparative Development or MSOC/SENV 209 Social Ecology
or MSOC 208 Development Issues*
3-4 crs.
MSOC 332 Social Theory 3 crs.

MSOC 307 Social Research with Computers 4 crs.
MSOC 308 Social Statistics with Computers 4 crs.
MSOC 328 Sociology of Community 3 crs.
MSOC 317 Fieldwork: Sociology of Community or Sociology Convener-approved fieldwork 3 crs.
MSOC 410 Senior Project in Sociology or MSOC 409 Field Study Seminar/Independent Study Project* 3-4 crs.


12 crs.
  Three courses (at least one at the 300-level) from one concentration area and one course from a second concentration area. Sample list of concentration courses:

MSOC 230 Sociology of Family
MSOC 205 Sociology of Aging
MSOC 215 Sociology-Race Relations
MSOC 315 Sociology of Deviance
MSOC 361 Gender, Work and Family
MSOC 245 Criminology

World Transformation:
MSOC 306 Environmental Sociology
MSOC 221 Social Movements
MSOC 210 Global Workplace
MSOC 302 Third World Women
MSOC 309 Food and Population
MSOC 336/ SENV 336 Global Ethics
SENV 305 Ecology, Economics, Ethics

Culture and Communication:
MSOC 303 Sociology of Culture or MSOC 305 India Life & Culture*
MSOC 331 Sociology of Religion or MSOC 333 Peace & Justice*
MSOC 304 Political Sociology

  Minimum 38-39 crs.

NOTE: As part of the concentration students may substitute up to 4 credits from a related discipline. Advisor approval required. (E.G. Community: Social Work, Law, Economics; World Transformation: Environmental Science, Political Science; Culture and Communication: Contemporary Arts, American/International Studies.)

*South India Semester Study Abroad Program

SSHS School Core Requirements

MMET 101 Social Issues 4 crs.
MMET 235 History of Social Thought 3 crs.
Consciousness and Society (from prescribed list) 3 crs.
Research methods course 4 crs.
Social Science elective (200-300 level) - not in one's major 3 crs.
History elective (200-300 level) 3 crs.
Independent study or fieldwork 3 crs.

  Minimum 23 crs.

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