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Catalog 2004-2005
Social Work (BSW)
Requirements of the Major
School of Social Science and Human Services
Course Descriptions Program Director (Convener): Mitchell Kahn

All 100 and 200 Level General Education Requirements including:  
SBIO 101 Introduction to Biology 4 crs.
MSOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 crs.
M/SPSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 crs.
B/MECO 113 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 crs.
MSOC 232 Sociology of the Family 3 crs.

MSWK 222 History and Philosophy of Social Welfare** 3 crs.
MSWK 225 Social Fieldwork** 4 crs.
MSWK 262 Human Behavior/Social Environment I: Cultural Diversity 3 crs.
MSWK 263 Human Behavior/Social Environment II: Life Cycle 3 crs.
MSWK 307 Social Work Research Methods 4 crs.
MSWK 325/326 Theory and Practice of Social Work I and II 14 crs.
MSWK 327 Theory and Practice of Social Work III 7 crs.
MSWK 420 Contemporary Social Policy 4 crs.

  Minimum 58 crs.

** This coursework should be completed by the end of sophomore year. A "B" average is required in these courses

See Social Work advisors for recommended minors to compliment the Social Work major.

NOTE: Majors in Social Work are encouraged to take more than the minimum requirements of the major. Recommended electives include:
MLWS 310 Law & the Elderly
MSWK 223 Social Work in the Inner City
MSWK 227 Child Welfare
MSWK 324 Social Welfare and the Law
MSWK 328 Community Mental Health
SSHS School Core Requirements

MMET 101 Social Issues 4 crs.
MMET 235 History of Social Thought 3 crs.
Consciousness and Society (from prescribed list) 3 crs.
Research methods course* 4 crs.
Social Science elective (200-300 level) - not in one's major* 3 crs.
History elective (200-300 level)* 3 crs.
Independent study or fieldwork* 3 crs.

  Minimum 23 crs.

*Met through Social Work major requirements and prerequisites.

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