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Catalog 2004-2005
Psychology (BA)
Requirements of the Major
School of Social Science and Human Services
Course Descriptions Convener: Mary Starke

M/SPSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 crs.
M/SPSY 303 Research Methods in Psychology 4 crs.
  (should be completed by the first semester off the Junior Year or before)  
Three Elective Courses in Psychology 9 crs.
  Any course designated "BPSY," "MPSY," OR "SPSY" in the Schedule of Classes. These may be additional courses from the six categories, or they may be courses that do not have a category designation. Choices of the latter kind include:

M/SPSY 213 Neuropsychology
MPSY 215 Learning, Cognition, And Teaching
M/SPSY 242 Statistics
M/SPSY 247 Psychology of Peer Facilitation
M/SPSY 251 Substance Abuse
MPSY 312 Psychology and Literature
MPSY 315/SPSY 313 Integrative Case Management
MPSY 322 Psychotherapy Techniques
M/SPSY 326 Love and Sexuality
M/SPSY 329 Aggressive Behavior
M/SPSY 334 Psychological Testing
M/SPSY 336/338 Counseling Substance Abusers I and II
MPSY 357 Childhood Disorders

M/SPSY 242 Statistics, a fieldwork course, and Independent Research in Psychology are highly recommended, especially if you plan to pursue graduate work
M/SPSY 430 Advanced Topics in Psychology course (Senior Status Required) 4 crs.
  (The subject of this course varies from semester to semester. It does not fulfill the Senior Seminar requirement in the general education core)  
At Least one course in each of the following six categories 18 crs.
  NOTE: Take 200-level courses before 300- and 400-level courses. Many courses have prerequiites or corequisites. Check the course descriptions for prerequisites and corequisites.

A course' category designation, if it has one, is noted in the Schedule of Classes and under the course description in the Web Catalog.

Category 1: any course designated Category 1 such as:
MPSY 226 Social Psychology
MPSY 343 Environmental Psychology
BPSY 344/MPSY 345 Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Category 2: any course designated Category 2 such as:
M/SPSY 211 Theories of Personality
M/SPSY 314 Abnormal Psychology
M/SPSY 332 Psychology of Health

Category 3: any course designated Category 3 such as:
MPSY 202 Psychology of Learning (4 cr.)
M/SPSY 209 Psychology of Perception
M/SPSY 245 Psychobiology
M/SPSY 305 Comparative Psychology
M/SPSY 327 Cognitive Psychology
M/SPSY 330 Drugs and Behavior
M/SPSY 366 Behavior Therapy

Category 4: any course designated Category 4 such as:
M/SPSY 212 Psychology of Aging
MPSY 232 Adult Psychology
M/SPSY 241 Developmental Psychology
MPSY 263 Child Psychology
MPSY 347 Adolescent Psychology

Category 5: any course designated Category 5 such as:
MPSY 231 Multicultural Psychology
MPSY 239 Cross-Cultural Psychology
MPSY 306 Ethical and Legal Issues
MPSY 311 Psychology of Gender
MPSY 365 Evolutionary Psychology
M/SPSY 328 Freud, Race and Gender
M/SPSY 349 Psychology of Women
MPSY 413 Roots of Psychology
M/SPSY 423 History and Systems

Category 6*: any course designated Category 6 such as:
Any PSY course titled Fieldwork** (MPSY 367 Fieldwork with Children, MPSY 422 Behavior Therapy Fieldwork, and so on)
- OR -
MPSY 472 Independent Research***

*NOTE: Co-Op courses do not usually fulfill Category 6.

**Fieldwork involves extensive supervised work (a minimum of 60 hours during the semester) in a mental health or educational agency plus a substantial term paper integrating research from the professional journals with observations at the agency. All fieldwork courses have prerequisites and/or co-requisites. Fieldwork courses are not offered in the Winter or Summer Sessions.

***Independent Research involves a scientific investigation conducted under the supervision of a member of the psychology faculty. The project must involve the collection and statistical analysis of original observations; library work alone will not suffice. A commitment of well over 60 hours is expected, and the student should be proficient in research methods.

M/ SPSY 242 Statistics, M/SPSY 472 Independent Research, and a fieldwork course are highly recommended, especially if you plan to pursue graduate work.

NOTE: Prerequisites for psychology courses are listed under the course descriptions in the Web catalog.
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  Minimum 38 crs.

NOTE: Psychology courses and their categories are listed in the Schedule of Classes. Prerequisites are listed under the course descriptions in the web catalog.
SSHS School Core Requirements

MMET 101 Social Issues* 4 crs.
MMET 235 History of Social Thought 3 crs.
Consciousness and Society (from prescribed list)** 3 crs.
Research Methods Course*** 4 crs.
Social Science Elective (200-300 level)-not in one's major**** 3 crs.
History Elective (200-300 level) 3 crs.
Independent Study or Fieldwork***** 3 crs.

  Minimum 23 crs.

NOTE: All Ramapo Students must complete a school core. Psychology majors complete either the school core requirements for the School of Social Science and Human Services or the school core requirements for the School of Theoretical and Applied Science.

*Most students take Social Issues as part of their general education curriculum
**See the Comments Section of Schedule of Classes for identification of CS courses offered each semester.
***Most psychology majors choose MPSY 311 Psychology of Gender, MPSY 317 Psychology of Racism, or M/SPSY 349 Psychology of Women to satisfy this requirement as these courses also satisfy the category 5 requirement for the psychology major.
***Psychology majors generally choose M/SPSY 303 Research Methods in Psychology to satisfy this requirement as this course also fulfills one of the requirements for the psychology major. This course should be taken at the beginning of the junior year.
****anthropology, economics, law and society, political science, social work, sociology
*****Psychology majors often use an independent research or fieldwork work to satisfy this requirement as these courses also satisfy the category 6 requirement of the psychology major. (MPSY 342 Group Dynamics will satisfy category 6 of the psychology major, but will not satisfy this SSHS core requirement.

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