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Catalog 2004-2005
International Business
Requirements of the Minor
School of Administration and Business
Course Descriptions Convener: William Frech

Note: A School Core is not required for completion of the minor. Minors are open to students regardless of school affiliation.

Prerequisite Course:  
B/MECO 113 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 crs.
BIBS 326 Fundamentals of International Business 3 crs.
Business Coursework - any two courses from the following list 6 crs.
  BECO 323 Comparative Economic Systems
BFIN 415 Multinational Finance
BECO 325 International Economics
BIBS 330 Fundamentals of Importing/Exporting
BMKT 302 International Marketing
BATG 436 International Accounting
Liberal Arts Coursework - any two courses from the following list 6 crs.
  BIBS 202 U.S. – Canada Economic Relations
BBAD 316 World Political Economy
BIBS 305 Politics of International Investment
BPOL 225 Political Economy of North America
BIBS 340 European Business Community
AHST 306 Multinational Corporations in Latin America
Foreign Language Study:
6 credits in foreign language study satisfies one of the two course requirements for this liberal arts section
Fieldwork/Course Option* – Chosen from the following 3 crs.
  Fieldwork with an International Business focus
Independent Study (approved by Convener)
One additional course from Business or Liberal Arts Coursework above

  Minimum 21-24 crs.

*See International Business faculty for fieldwork options which include co-op with international firms,
unpaid internships, field research, or study abroad

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